Kara Artistics

Breaking the mold

We cast recycled aluminium into elaborate designs. These designs frequently depict different species and their slow decline into extinction due to the human impact on their environment. I further incorporate psychology to this concept in order to create various sculptures. These sculptures display human pride regarding our control over the environment, but at the same time our guilt and fear towards the environment. This fear stems from our concern that the environment might reject humans due to our parasitic-like symbiotic relationship to the ecology. We fear our extinction along the path to environmental sustainability.

Our creative process starts with scrap aluminium such as engine parts, we then melt these aluminium parts, thereafter we re-cast them into spectacular new designs. Giving these parts a new life while referring to the importance of recycling as a whole. All of this in an effort to create awareness towards eradicating our destructive impact on the environment. Visit our website: KaraArtistics.com to view these Designs and Artworks.


Coral Collection

Cast Aluminium


Vain Collection

Cast Aluminium


Leave-let Collection

Cast Aluminium


Etched Artwork collection

Cast Aluminium


crater collection

Cast Aluminium


birds nest collection

Cast Aluminium


Sink hole Collection

Cast Aluminium


Coral Collection

Cast Aluminium



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